Drive-By Truckers
the GO-GO BOOTS Episodes

GO-GO BOOTS - Acoustic & Live

the GO-GO BOOTS - Links and Credits
the GO-GO BOOTS Episodes
a film by Jason Thrasher and Patterson Hood
directed by Jason Thrasher
written and produced by Patterson Hood
edited by Eddie Whelan
live recordings by Colin Cargile
mixes by David Barbe

Additional Cameras:
Chad Osburn
Scott Baxendale
Mark Magnarella
Heather Leake

Drive-By Truckers
Mike Cooley
Patterson Hood
Brad Morgan
Shonna Tucker
John Neff
Jay Gonzalez

In The Studio
David Barbe
Drew Vandenburg

Art & Design
Wes Freed
Lilla Hood
Jenn Bryant

The Crew
Matt “Mattador” Defilippis
Damon Scott
Colin Cargile
Cole Taylor
Craig Lieske
Matt Etgen

Web Design & Social Media
Jenn Bryant
Jason Wilson

Support & Assistance
Kevin Morris
Christine Stauder
Traci Thomas

Thank You
Rebecca Hood
Beth Thrasher
Dick Cooper
Donnie Fritts
Sheenan Cole
Velena Vego
Jyl Freed
Michael Oliveri
Danny Thrasher
Spenser Simrill
Dan Aguar
Darren Blasé
Shake It Records
John McElhannon
John-Paul Steele
Heather Leake
Erin Freeman
Callie Prickett

Scott Baxendale
Baxendale Guitars

Buckhead Theatre
Farmington Depot Gallery
Minglewood Music Hall

ATO Records
Play It Again Sam
Red Light Management
Thrasher Photo & Design
Thirty Tigers
Knuckle Sammitch

“Heavy Makes You Happy”
(shan-na-Boom Boom)
written by Jeff Barry and Robert Bloom
performed by Eddie Hinton

“Where’s Eddie”
written by Eddie Hinton and Donnie Fritts

“Everybody Needs Love”
written by Eddie Hinton

“Long Live the Bottom Feeders”